Alberta Fashion Model

About Us

Welcome to, a division of Novel Intent Technologies Inc. We're proudly a Canadian company, who truly believes in diversity and pluralism of our communities. We've years of experience in the digital medium and have hundreds of happy clients. is a platform for ambitious, beautiful and creative people, who would like to demonstrate their passion, skills, and talent. We'll use our expertise and networking within the industry to provide you with the right promotion that you need to showcase your talent to the world.

Our services include promoting models, actors, performing artists and MUAs. We promote your skills and talents via our website, online social media, fashion shows, e-magazine and through our professional networks.

If you have the will then is the way for you to become successful in the glamor industry. Please build your profile on our website and show your talent to the world. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Disclaimer: Please Note that the website is currently in the Developing Phase and using dummy profiles for models/actors/ MUP & Performers. Sample pictures were collected from google under images. 

The sliders pictures were provided by Arshad Photography.